“I first came to see Zsuzsanna after years of suffering with the chronic pain and exhaustion of Fibromyalgia.

I had multiple physical imbalances due to several car accidents, as well as other injuries & traumas including PTSD & tics I had previously been to other specialists including chiropractors, osteopaths & physiotherapists with very little improvement over the years of treatment.

After my first Bowen Therapy session I noticed changes instantly and within a few sessions the changes were profound. What an amazing therapy and a truly gifted therapist. Zsuzsanna is very understanding, kind, gentle, generous and knowledgable.

Now, after several Bowen Therapy sessions with her I am still receiving many benefits & rarely experience the pain I endured for so many years. My energy levels have vastly improved, my posture is significantly better and many chronic issues I was experiencing from past traumas have resolved. I am more relaxed and able to enjoy my life again. Thank you Zsuzsanna! ” – Zoë G, Logan City