It was the case of a 35 year-old woman with spine surgery, constant pain, consuming a lot of narcotic painkillers, general painkillers with quite a big amount of magnesium nutritional supplements that made me realise that Tom Bowen’s technique is something uniquely effective.

This was at the very start of my Bowen studies where I needed someone to practice on. So, 3 days after the first module she happily and skeptically rested on the table. After having constant pain in the last 5 years and nothing helped – pain in lumbar back, spinal surgery, 2 collapsed discs removed and the vertebraes screwed together, physiotherapy, specialised spinal excercises, but still in constant pain, never could sit longer than 30 minutes, lift her little son or even bow down for wet laundry…. – of course she was skeptically.

The only thing I have promised her was that I will not hurt her because this method is very safe – that was all I knew at that stage. I did some unique “Bowen Move”s on her lower back, buttock, hamstrings and knees as it was thought with 2 minutes intervals between them. Actually her 15 minutes rest time after the treatment was longer than the treatment itself.

After this first session I mentioned her that her muscles on the right leg above her kneecap didn’t t reacted to the “Bowen Move” at all. “Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention to you that I had 2 knee surgeries too, because I was a long distant runner and that ruined my knee. After the second surgery about 15 years ago the muscles on that area sticked down and we couldn’t do anything. They told me that I have to live with it.” – “Ok, never mind, we’ll just keep working on it, and let’s see what will happen after some sessions.”

1 week later when we did the 2nd treatment she welcomed me with this sentence: “I don’t know what happened but I was as thirsty as a camel!” That’s great, I told her, your tissue is building back the water. But, how is your back? It’s great too, was the answer, I did not had pain for three days at all. I did not need to take any painkillers for those days! You have to know, it never happened in the last some years.

After the 2nd, 3rd and 4th treatment she was painfree for about 5 days and after the 5th she was painfree completely! After 5 years agony she was painfree. “You gave me my life back”, she told me.
On the 7th treatment her sticked down muscles above the patella on the right leg eased up! We burst out in an acclamation: “Yeah!!! It moves!” during the very quite treatment.

She did not needed any more treatments, but I kept practicing on her during my studies. She was a great “guinea pig”.

Short after the 7th treatment she could start to work again and she leads a busy happy lifestyle now with a lot of sport activities.